Diesel Water Separator

Gold Coast Diesel Specialist takes great pride in solving customers problems, and after many customers asking if there was anyway to quickly stop damage to the fuel injection equipment of their vehicles due to water contamination.

Water contamination is the evil of any diesel fuel injection component.

It is therefore vitally important that water in the fuel system is detected as early as possible.

The smallest amount of water contamination is disastrous for fuel injection equipment, causing rapid wear, corrosion and sometimes seizure to fuel injection components of vehicles, therefore early detection saves many thousands in repair bills, as well as engine and vehicle down times.

Contamination is most likely to take place when you fill your vehicle, as the water enters the fuel tank it is heavier than diesel and will sink to the bottom of the fuel tank.

The fuel outlet pipe draws the fuel from the bottom of the fuel tank, and eventually the contaminants find its way up and into the vehicles fuel system and if not detected early this will result in:

  1. Damage to the injector pump and injectors,
  2. The vehicle will go into limp home mode or stop altogether.

Gold Coast Diesel Specialist have developed and water separator unlike any other on the market, which can warn the customer of contamination by means of a buzzer fitted in the cab, as many of the systems on the market might only have a light on the dashboard, which may not be visible immediately to the driver, the buzzer unit is sure fire awareness.

These sedimenters hook up to the fuel line from the tank to the injection system and separate water into a clear bowl. The pre-filter has no gauze or filter paper to service and the water can be drained from the bowl by loosening the drain plug.

As soon as water contamination is detected a buzzer on the dashboard alerts you immediately and a red light comes on. This alerts the driver, who must stop the vehicle, drain the water, allowing him / her to continue on until it happens again, or he /she can get the vehicle into a repair shop for the fuel tank to be drained, and cleaned.

With very little fuss it can be taken care of, and we suggest the fuel tank should be cleaned when you are able to do so.

Without our water trap / sedimenter- by the time you realize water is in your vehicle’s filter system, it could be too late and this results in very expensive repairs and down time.

If you own a new generation diesel this water trap system could save you thousands in repair bills!

Key features;

  • Audible buzzing noise to alert you water has been separated from the diesel and been detected
  • Self test – the buzzer comes on for a few seconds with the ignition
  • Does not restrict fuel flow when used in the correct application and fitted correctly
  • No filters to renew or service
  • Clear plastic bowl – you can see the condition of the fuel
  • Won’t affect your warranty

These units are available as a DIY or fully fitted by Gold Coast Diesel Specialist.

DIY kit

Professionally fitted